SECOMA was created as a private initiative by a group of Gipuzkoa timber sector companies in 1977, its basic aim being to represent and defend the general and common interests of the companies in the sector. Other more specific objectives are to unify criteria and foster initiatives in the sector, encouraging the activity and competitiveness of the companies.

SECOMA's main functions include the following: acting as an intermediary between its members and the administration, encouraging and participating in collective bargaining, centralising the organisation of trade fairs, and organising and providing training courses. It has been many years throughout which we have provided all these services and many more are a guarantee of our soundness and, above all, a clear and decisive indication of the benefits we provide to all those we work for.

The aim of this website is to be a further tool in achieving these aims: it is an important means of promotion for the sector in general, and for our members in particular. And its Intranet makes it yet another service channel to our members.

Thankyou for visiting us. We hope you have found our website useful.